My favorite part about coaching is seeing my clients recognize the strength they have within themselves to craft lives that bring them a sense of fulfillment and well-being. Please check out what a few of them have to say in their own words.

I had just finished what felt like a marathon of problems that took several years to resolve.  During this period I had put myself low on my own priority list.  I kept telling myself once this or that is resolved things will get better.  Suddenly it was all over and I felt the same.

I had heard and read a lot about life coaches and though I love yoga it seemed at first a little too “new agey” for me.  However as I read more about it I realized that I was wrong.  What appealed to me was an idea that I could be pro-active in making my life happier.  Jattu’s coaching has helped me achieve a clearer idea of what my ideal life looks like and made me realize that I have the power and tools to get there.  She empowered me to make choices that historically I would have felt were “too selfish” but were in fact healthy.

Being happy is not just an active choice but requires active effort to achieve.  Life will continue to have unexpected hurdles but having tools helps me to identify them and get past them.



The Essence of Strength coaching program helped me convert my willingness and desire to be my best into actions so that my vision for my life meets my daily reality. Jattu has helped me acquire invaluable tools that allow me to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life.  This experience has truly been the most important investment I have made in myself as an adult.

Before coaching, I felt stressed; more specifically, very overwhelmed by the daily tasks of life at work and home. It seemed like I never had enough time or energy to complete my endless to-do list. The stress of constantly playing catch-up and the bad habits I developed left me feeling physically tired, sore and fatigued. I was unhappy and it was starting to affect my work and personal relationships.

The Essence of Strength coaching process is helping me to examine my life objectively. The sessions themselves force me to carve out time to put myself first in order to concentrate on my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  I have a deeper understanding of why my life was so out of balance and why I felt so out of control. Jattu provides a safe, non-judgmental space to examine my bad habits and what need I think they are meeting. The process also gave me the freedom to dream and explore what an ideal life would be for me.

The most important part to me is that after each session I come away with a strategy and tangible tasks that enable me to move closer to my ideal life.  These are not quick fixes but substantive changes that will provide long-term happiness. I have replaced bad habits with smarter, healthier and more purposeful choices. Because the Essence of Strength coaching process is so personalized and tailored to me and my abilities, I started seeing benefits right away. I am taking better care of myself in a way that does not undermine from my family, work obligations or my core values.  Because I am happier, I have a stronger bond with my family and friends, I am more productive at work and I feel physically healthier and more energetic.

The most significant improvements have been that:

1) I physically feel better, less tired and sore, more energetic and motivated. I’ve lost 6 pounds without really trying, just by cutting out some bad habits (mostly ice cream, soda and sweets).

2) I feel less stressed and more in-control of my life by using my time more efficiently to tackle daily tasks.

3) I am more in-touch with what I actually need instead of what would make me feel better at the moment.  I am able to make better choices to improve any situation into one that will most benefit me most long-term.

Kennita, PhD

Biomedical Engineering Research Associate

Before working with Jattu, I was getting signs that things were clearly not going well and I did not have a plan of action for my own life. As a physician who is used to making clear and concise plans of action for others, somehow I fell short with myself. I found myself having achieved a high level of success but feeling utterly useless.

Jattu discovered that I had not openly recognized and voiced my true calling. It was in my head, but it was not written down and spoken aloud in a clear manner. Finding your purpose automatically begins the alignment process for you to succeed with yourself. I was at a breaking point (invisible to all) and Jattu’s coaching has allowed me to achieve a measure of peace and begin the process of becoming content.

Thanks to coaching, I realize I actually am in control. We only have this one small tiny life. I do not have to feel I am being controlled. I have time for me. I can dream big and bigger and the biggest of them all and achieve what I set my heart to do. All I have to do is speak my purpose.


Before working with Jattu, I was burned out and struggling to figure out how to enjoy my professional life and whether I even wanted to continue on my current career path. My solo efforts of self help and personal development were not yielding the results I needed. By working with Jattu, I learned sustainable techniques and strategies to define my purpose and guide my career.

Through our work, I identified valuable tenets that I use to guide me day to day. Using these guidelines, I have been more effective and productive at work. Also, I learned the value of placing self-care over self-sacrifice. As a result, I am better able to handle the challenges and stress that are inevitable in my career. My work/life balance has improved, and I am able to be more present whether at work or with my family and friends. My colleagues have noticed a positive change in me as well.



I recommend Jattu as a healthcare provider life coach. She successfully helped me make the decision to transition from working full time as a pediatric hospitalist to taking a position as a healthcare consultant.

In addition, Jattu has taught me invaluable skills to balance work, motherhood and school. Since I began working with Jattu I have increased confidence at work; increased awareness of the need to balance my life; and new strategies to change my bad habits.  I could not have made it through this transition without her strength, wisdom and support. 

Sybil Klaus, MD