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“Writing Your Own Wellness Story”

One of my favorite parts of my work with Essence of Strength is being able to share what I’ve learned about living well during MY JOURNEY FROM PRACTICING PHYSICIAN TO SELF CARE ADVOCATE AND WELL-BEING STRATEGIST.

Whether speaking to high school students making the transition to college life or established professionals adjusting to their kids leaving for college, I enjoy giving talks and workshops that allow participants to open their minds to the different strategies that support their personal and professional success and well-being.

My experience as an obstetrician-gynecologist, personal trainer and certified life coach gives me a unique perspective for helping women in healing professions and other altruistic high achievers learn to develop the practical self care strategies that support lives of being well.

Contact me to learn if an Essence of Strength workshop or talk may be right for your professional organization, student group or other gathering of healers seeking to be well.



  • Being Well While Doing Good: Self Care Strategies for the Successful Altruist

  • Saying Yes With A No: Recognizing the Power of Audacious Self Care

  • From Surviving to Thriving: Incorporating Self Care Into Life After Training

  • Plan B Basics: Tips for the Type A Who Needs to Ditch Plan A

  • But That Wasn’t In the Syllabus: Maintaining Well-Being While Getting Your Degree


  • Pre-event assessment with event planner
  • Provision of Content and Workshop Materials
  • Review of Five Essential Strengths to Simplify Self Care
  • Post Event Evaluation